Places and events where you can develop your skills as a volunteer alongside and through Armonia

  • Devotions (Mexico City and/or Oaxaca City)
  • Bible Studies (Mexico City and/or Oaxaca City)
  • Medical Clinics (Mexico City and/or Oaxaca City)
  • Armonia Indigenous Mexican Scholars (AIMS) Mexico City
  • Armonia Indigenous Mexican Scholars (AIMS) Oaxaca City
  • The Armonia-Santa Cruz Community Center (Mexico City)
  • The Armonia-Jalalpa Community Center (Mexico City)
  • The Armonia-Presidentes Community Center (Mexico City)
  • The Alheli Armonia Indigenous Mexican Scholars Residence (Mexico City)
  • The Casa Blanca Visitors Home (Mexico City)
  • Producing Media for Armonia
  • Celebrations and Events (Mexico City and/or Oaxaca City): community weddings, Mexican fiestas, birthdays, Christian celebrations
  • Translation (Mexico City and/or Oaxaca City): translation of emails and other communications in Spanish, English and/or German.

What skills do you need to volunteer with Armonia?

  • You need any of the following skills to volunteer with Armonia:
  • Being a Christian or following Jesus
  • Construction skills
  • Carpentry skills
  • Translations skills
  • Medical skills (to help a doctor from Mexico or a different country)
  • Being a doctor
  • Dental skills (to help a dentist from Mexico or from a different country)
  • Being a dentist
  • Music and art skills
  • Media making skills: taking good pictures and/or making good videos
  • Teaching skills: teaching in Summer courses for children (Mexico City and/or Oaxaca City), teaching courses to young people and/or adults (Mexico City and/or Oaxaca City, teaching your skills.
  • Decorating skills: Decorating for parties alongside the Armonia people.
  • Willingness to participate in parties and events: being a witness in the wedding of a couple from Jalalpa, Presidentes and/or Santa Cruz (in accordance with Mexican laws for marriages)
  • Mechanic skills: giving maintenance to the Armonia vehicles.
  • Willingness to bring resources: bringing resources for the people of Jalalpa, Presidentes, Santa Cruz, Oaxaca, and/or the Armonia Indigenous Mexican Scholars, such as shoes,  clothing, school supplies, basketballs, soccer/footballs, and so on.
  • Willingness to introduce Armonia to friends who would like to bring resources to Jalalpa, Presidentes, Santa Cruz, Oaxaca, and/or the Armonia Indigenous Mexican Scholars.
  • Willingness to reflect on actions
  • Being an engineer.
  • Engineering skills (helping an engineer) or developing a project that meets your skills and is safe for everyone.
  • Technological skills: introducing and implementing technologies that improve the life of communities, like: hydroponics, planting, and so on.

What are the requirements to be a volunteer at Armonia/visit Armonia?

Being aware of the needs of the people of Armonia so that my needs are met with theirs in a harmonious way: keeping a Kingdom of God mind frame.

To integrate with the staff of Armonia in a harmonious way: To do the best I can to love my neighbor.

To be willing to participate with the people of Armonia.

To be willing to share my things, time and space with the people of Armonia.

What is Armonia not involved in when partnering with volunteers?

We are not interested in contact fishing in other Organisation’s contacts.

We are not involved in church planting activities.

We are not involved in conventional evangelistic campaigns.

We do not promote or encourage migration of Mexicans to the United States and other countries, although we respect people’s decisions to migrate.

We do not belong to any political party or political agenda.

We do not engage in proselytism.

We do not facilitate or encourage charity without discernment.

We do not give our volunteers/visitors sensitive information about Armonia, such as passwords and databases.

We do not encourage or participate in imperialistic practices.

What is Armonia involved in when partnering with volunteers?

Please read what skills do you need to volunteer with Armonia? 

We are willing to partner with churches and groups that share our faith in Jesus, and our views on the Kingdom of God.

We are willing to share our experiences for the benefit of churches or ministries.

We are willing to hear and learn from the experience of churches or ministries.


  • Note: Armonia aims to be a facilitator between the volunteer (visitor) and the people of the different communities where Armonia is engaged: Jalalpa, Presidentes, Santa Cruz, Oaxaca, and the indigenous towns in Oaxaca.