The central goals of the ARMONÍA volunteer program are to learn to serve among the poor and to be shaped into a useful life for the Kingdom of God.

Some Frequetly Asked Questions:

What is an ideal length to come as a volunteer?
We have had volunteers stay anywhere from 3 to 12 months, and we are willing
to agree on any length of time within the summer and Christmas volunteering time periods and based on the needs of ARMONÍA.

Do I need to know Spanish in order to apply?
Spanish is not a requirement in order to apply, but the more Spanish you know, the more you will be able to contribute to the work of ARMONÍA. For volunteers with little facility with Spanish, we recommend language study before you arrive or once you arrive here in Mexico.

Are there any other requirements for volunteer applicants?
We expect volunteers to have a strong Christian testimony and to be willing to accept the challenges that accompany work in a different culture and among the poor.

Can I come as an individual?
Unfortunately, no. Right now, ARMONÍA is only accepting groups in the following sizes:
6 – 11 – Small to medium
18 -22 – Max number of people.
Due to restrictions in our transportation, we have a maximum number of 22 people. Married couples can be accommodated, although ARMONÍA does have a policy that volunteers must be married at least a year before arriving in Mexico. There are several reasons for this policy, and if you are interested in talking with us about it, feel free to contact us.