You can help support ARMONÍA in many ways:

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Come as a visitor or volunteer

Volunteers are always needed to continue the work of ARMONÍA. Whatever your skills, ARMONÍA will find a way to make good use of them, in many different projects. Your visits to the ARMONÍA Community Centers, to see and engage with our communities, can also be combined with some opportunities to experience Mexican culture and do some sightseeing.

For more information on volunteering please visit these pages:

Volunteering as a Process & Volunteering facts and questions


Although they try to be as self-supporting as they can, ARMONÍA is still reliant upon donations to carry out its work in Mexico.  The ARMONÍA UK Trust is committed to support ARMONÍA in this way. If you are able to support ARMONÍA financially, we can offer several methods of donating.  Secure payments can be made online through our Virgin Money Giving account. If you would prefer to make a donation by post or set up a standing order, print off and fill in the form available here.  As well as regular giving in this way, many people choose to hold fundraisers for ARMONÍA in various exciting and diverse ways.  Initiatives have ranged from half-marathons to tea towel sales.  Get involved with events in your area or contact us if you would like to run a fundraising event.

Through Prayer

The work of ARMONÍA needs your prayers, both in support of the work in Mexico and the in UK as we raise awareness and funds for ARMONÍA. We aim to update our prayer supporters at least once every 2 months by email. If you cannot receive emails, please contact us through your church or institution, and we can arrange to send you updates by mail. Regular updates of the work in Mexico can also be found by visiting 

The direct way to receive news, prayer requests, getting in touch with, and watching beautiful pictures and videos that come directly from the people of Armonia is through our Facebook pàge: Armonia México (You can access the Armonia México Facebook page even if you don’t have a Facebook account!)

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