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Five smiling children sitting on a step.We are a service-based, Mexican non-governmental organization (NGO) working with some of the country’s poorest urban and rural communities. Founded on Christian principles, our purpose is together to transform poverty into an abundant, complete and dignified life. ARMONÍA has now become an international movement of Christian commitment to the poor.

ARMONÍA works out this vision in various locations in several different dimensions.
In Mexico City, Armonía has three Christian Transformation Centers—Santa Cruz, Presidentes, and Jalalpa—in some of the poorest areas of Mexico City. In these centers, Armonía is involved with children’s clubs, health clinics, biblical training, nutrition programs, worship meetings, and much more. In Oaxaca, the ARMONÍA Indigenous Mexican Scholars (AIMS) program offers scholarships to indigenous students so that they can complete their secondary school and pursue a university education. When the students reach university level, most of them attend schools in Mexico City, where they live and participate in ARMONÍA’s community centers. Armonía is involved in much more, but this is a snapshot of
how ARMONÍA is involved in bringing the whole gospel to the whole person in Mexico.